Hair Transplant in Mexico

Neohair is a clinic performing hair transplant in Mexico using the FUE technique, a minimally invasive procedure that makes your recovery process faster.

Hair Transplant in Mexico

No Pain

We use local anesthesia because it is a minimally invasive procedure, so there will be no mayor wounds and no pain.

No visible scars, natural look

Donor area and transplanted area will look unaffected and natural.

Fast recovery

Since there is no mayor wound, the recovery time is super fast. It may take up to 3-4 days to heal.

Results – Hair transplant in mexico

Move the yellow circle to the left or right to see the results you can get with our best fue hair transplant in Mexico.

Am I candidate? – Hair Transplant Mexico

The only way to know if you are a candidate for a hair transplant is to attend a confidential consultation. A qualified consultant can educate you on hair loss and the methods of treating it, and can then evaluate your personal situation. From this, the determination will be made as to your candidacy.

In determining your candidacy, we consider:

  1. Number of grafts required to meet your expectations
  2. Density of donor hair
  3. Colour of hair
  4. Skin complexion
  5. Texture of hair
  6. Future hair loss projections

How the procedure is done?

The procedure of hair transplantation at Neohaior starts with a comprehensive consultation with the surgeon. The hair transplantation surgeon assesses if you are in good health, if you have any bleeding or healing disorders, your age and degree of hair loss, and most importantly the quality and quantity of your donor hair.

Donor hair is nothing but the hair which is not affected by the hair loss. Mostly people have donor hair on sides or back side of hair.

We at Neohairhave both the traditional FUT or strip method and the modern FUE method for hair transplantation. The candidate can choose the appropriate method with the required suggestion from the surgeon.

After the consultation and selection, the actual procedure of hair transplantation starts.  Subsequently the local anaesthesia is used by the surgeon to numb the scalp and to make the procedure painfree and comfortable. Donor hair follicles are removed from the sides and back and relocated to the bald portion.

Is hair transplant in Mexico the same as in US?

FUE hair transplant in our Mexico clinic enforces the same US safety protocols on top of Mexico safety guidelines. Our medical team are certified and trained in some of the best institutions in Brazil, Spain and Germany.

What is the price of FUE hair transplant in Mexico?

Our cost of FUE hair transplant in Mexico clinic includes transportation and in some cases hotel, however it can vary depending on the quantity of hair needed. To find out the exact fue hair transplant cost in Mexico, send us a message using our contact form.