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These are the solutions we offer for hair prevention and restoration.

Hair Microimplant

Although little is said about the subject. It is very true that there are areas, let’s say, unusual where there is absence of hair, such as the beard and the eyebrow. What few know is that it is also possible to solve this problem. For that is the intervention of the micrograft, which is nothing more than the same transplant process, only in measured quantities.

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Beard Implant

Many men find it difficult to grow their beards and sideburns in a natural, healthy way without patchy areas. One solution to this problem is the beard graft. It is a simple solution that helps to fill in bald patches on the beard and recreate a beard in a natural contour and orientation, and increase its density.

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Eyebrow Implant

The surgeon can create / restore fuller and more natural eyebrows in the case of thinning of the eyebrows due to age. It is not necessary to resort to methods such as tattoos that do not give a natural appearance, with the appropriate technology, a microscopic preparation of individual hair grafts can be carried out to restore the eyebrows achieving a natural appearance.

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Hair Implant in Scars

Our surgeons work so that the hair scars that need to be concealed after transplantation are perfectly covered at the end of the transplanted hair growth cycle.

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Success stories

We know that the results are those that speak for themselves, that’s why we
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Our Team

Our specialists are trained to use the latest techniques hair
transplant on the market to offer the best results.

Dra. Sonia Chávez

Dermatologist, cosmetic and oncological surgeon.

Dr. Guillermo Guerrero

Dermatologist, Cosmetic and Oncological Surgeon.

Dr. Osvaldo Vázquez

Dermatologist, Cosmetic and Oncological Surgeon.

Dra. Farah Sevilla

Dermatologist with emphasis on hair problems.

ARTAS technology

We have ARTAS robotic technology, which helps to have a higher precision in transplantation. We are the only clinic in the north of the country that has this technology.

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